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The road to confident driving!

The accredited and experienced instructors at Carz Driving School are friendly and patient with all of their students. We offer affordable and personalised instruction based on the requirements of individual students. We offer expert services including:

  • Manual driving lessons
  • Automatic driving lessons
  • Customised adult refresher courses
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Toowoomba Driving lessons — Carz Driving School in Rockville, QLD

Learning to confidently drive a stick shift

With advancements in automotive technologies and a shift from rural to urban living, there is less demand for learning how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission (“stick shift”). Australians are not required to learn how to drive manual cars. As a result, many Australians never learn to drive this type of vehicle.

However, there are advantages associated with manual stick shifts that are worth considering when you are about to begin studying for and gaining driving experience to get your driver’s licence. Here are a few of them:

  • Makes the driver more aware of the driving process = safer
  • More driver control in off-road or hazardous driving scenarios
  • Typically saves on fuel expenditures by delivering better efficiency
  • Good skill for emergencies when only a manual vehicle is available
  • Simpler transmission than an automatic & therefore less likely to malfunction
Learning to drive vehicles with manual transmissions opens up employment opportunities that are not available to those with automatic-only driving restrictions. You’ll have to know how to drive a stick shift if you want to operate driver-oriented vehicles like agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, semi-trucks, dump trucks and race cars.

Whether you are going to be driving an automatic or manual transmission vehicle, our friendly and patient instructor Sue can teach you valuable skills you need to pass your exam and become a confident, safe and effective driver in any situation. Call us today with any questions you may have. We are here to help!
Manual Car Shift Stick — Carz Driving School in Rockville, QLD


Learning how to drive a stick shift car or truck can be more challenging than learning to operate one with an automatic transmission. However, there are various benefits linked to being able to drive manuals. Our accredited instructors can teach you the skills you need to operate a manual vehicle with confidence in a patient and helpful manner.
Automatic Car Shift Stick — Carz Driving School in Rockville, QLD


Learning how to drive an automatic car or truck is a fun and rewarding experience. Having the freedom to legally drive changes lives and we are here to be a part of that journey with you. Let us teach you the skills you need to be an excellent, safe driver. Remember that learning to drive a manual vehicle (stick shift) can be very beneficial. However, it’s a little more challenging than learning to drive an automatic. Carz Driving School is ready to help in either case!